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All India LLM/ PG Crash Course is designed to cope up with the Jurisprudence, Constitution and Other Law Subjects in CLAT LLM Exam or other LLM Exam (AILET PG).

This LLM/PG Crash Course 2019 provides the study material in Online and Offline too. It contains All Course Study Material and Online Mock Tests. Hard Copy of Material and Mock tets Will be delivered to your respective address at Free of Cost within 7 days.

What you will get:

Course Content:

  1. Jurisprudence: detailed elaborative easy-to-remember content.
  2. Constitution: detailed elaborative easy-to-remember content.
  3. Criminal Law: detailed elaborative easy-to-remember content.
  4. Contract: detailed elaborative easy-to-remember content.
  5. International Law: To-the-point topic discussions on important international law subjects.
  6. Tort law: detailed elaborative easy-to-remember content.
  7. IPR: detailed elaborative easy-to-remember content.
  8. Recent Judgments, Events and News of 2017-2019

Specially-Built Material For Revision: 

Jurisprudence and Constitution carry maximum marks out of 150 marks. For that two subjects, Short, summarized, objective-based material are provided.

  1. Jurisprudence: 2000 Objective Questions covering all the portions of the Subject. List of  Books, List of Legal Maxims, List of Legal Theories are also included
  2. Constitution:Well prepared content specially desigend for LLM Exam.

Contents of ONLINE Mock Tests: 

  • 20 PG LLM Mocks based on CLAT Syllabus, DU Syllabus, AILET Syllabus[Jurisprudence, Constitution, Contract, Criminal Law, IPR, Crpc, CPC, Family Law, Labour Law and International Law].
  • Unlimited Attempts
  • Negative Marking
  • Proper Analysis

Contents of Offline Mock Tests:

  • Hard Copy of 20 PG LLM Mocks based on CLAT LLM Syllabus. [According To New Pattern] [Hardcopy of the Mock tests will be Delivered in First Week of the March, 2019]


Subjective Answer Guide:

  1. How to Structure your answer
  2. How to Organise your answer
  3. AI Method to write a good answer
  4. A proper feedback
  5. Regular check on the improvement of answer

Hardcopy Material:

We provide hardcopy material containing important parts of all the subjects. Hardcopy will be delivered to your respective address within 7-10 days of enrollment.

Softcopy Material:

We provide online platform where you can access with the user id and password all the time from your desired devices like mobiles, tab, computer 24*7.

New-Update on the Material:

We generally update the material within 10 days interval.

Course Duration- 25 Days

After making the payment, kindly mail us the receipt at Course will be activated within 24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is the difference between All India LLM-Hive Course and All India PSU-Hive Course and All India LLM/PG Crash Course? 

All India PSU-Hive Course is designed for CLAT PG aspirants who are willing to go for PSU via CLAT PG exam and LLM admission into top NLUs. The Course Duration is of 1 year.

Whereas All India LLM-Hive Course is designed for aspirants who are going for not only CLAT PG exam but also the all the LLM exams around India under any recognised University. The Course Duration is of 1 year.

All India LLM/PG Crash Course contains both PSU Hive Course and LLM Hive Course material. But The duration is of 4 months.

  • Is only softcopy provided in this course?

No. Both Softcopy and Hardcopy will be provided in the Course.

  • Can this course help me prepare for the exam?

Obviously. Course Content is particularly designed for the LLM exam only. In addition to that, Online Home assignment programme will help you prepare for the exam in a time-bound manner. As it is a online coaching service, you will not be forced to pursue the Online Home Assignment programme. If you wish, you can.

  • It is an online or postal Coaching, how will I get help if any problem arises?

If you have problem, you will get our help 24*7. Whenever you need us, we will be there.

  • How will this Course help in preparing Subjective question?

Through this course, you will be taught to write an subjective answer through AI[Attract & Impress] method. Also, Online Home Assignment Programme will help you prepare subjective part of every chapters very thoroughly. In addition to that, Hardcopy of Mock tests will help you familiarize with the  subjective questions more. We will also provide you list of important topics from each subject to make you prepare for the Subjective part a better way.

  • Does This Course help while doing revision for the exam?

Obviously. This course contains bonus material particularly designed for revision as well.

  • Is there any video lectures in this course?

No. there is no video lectures in this course. All the course content are made of PDF, PPT and Book Format.

  • Are 20 Online Mock Tests and 20 Offline Mock Tests same sets of Mock tests available in different mode?

No. No Mock Test set is same. All the mock tests are different. There are total 40 total mock tests.

  • Is there any update of course content after enrollment of the course?

Obviously. We regularly update the course content[online portal]. Also, if you want any more  content on any particular content other than the content provided in the course, we will provide you with that as well.

If you think, your query has not been answered in these question, feel free to call us @9614994939 or mail us


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