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Since a few days are left before the AILET PG 2022 it is vital to plan and prepare for your preparation. To achieve your desired success, revision of all subjects is a must. Revision- Revision – Revision is the one-stop solution at the last minute. Due to the unpredictability of the AILET PG 2022 examination in recent years, well-prepared students struggle a lot with studies and stress during the last few days of the examination. Read the instructions for LLM students issued by NLU Delhi for AILET PG 2022

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Subjects to be covered

It is important to cover the important subject for the exams which has been frequently asked in the previous year’s question paper i.e. Constitution, Jurisprudence, Indian Penal Code , Law of Contracts, Law of Torts, Property Law, Public International Law Family Law. No less importance must be given to the other subject i.e. Code of Criminal Procedure, Indian Evidence Act, Administrative Law, Tax Law, Company Law, Labour Law, Arbitration Law, and all the other laws. One needs to be prepared for any unexpected set of questions. It shall help the student to avoid panic in the examination hall.

Concepts and Sections at Finger Tips

The basic concepts of all the subjects are important to revise again and again. This will help to answer logical questions easily. Alongside the concepts, all the relevant sections for the exam point of view need to be revised.

Important Case Laws & Recent Events

A student must revise all the important case laws of 2017 to 2022, the number of beings, fact in the issue, judgment, and reasoning behind it. The student must have a clear grasp of the concepts mentioned in the judgment. Also, revision of recent events, amendments, and appointments must be looked at.

Avoid studying new topics

As the saying goes, what’s done is done. Learning new topics will not do better, but will increase the anxiety for the students. Instead of concentrating on left topics, revision of already done topics must be done constantly to grasp the topic. This will affirm the confidence in students which is essential for examination day.

Stick Papers for Revision

A solution that suits many. A student can use stick papers to remember and write the name of the case, the bench, and the year along with important sections and stick it on the walls. Papers stuck on the wall shall be a reminder of constant revision, and the student can revise quickly without turning pages.

Take a Good Sleep

A night of good sleep is essential for a good mind. Studying late hours is indeed a tedious job that should be ignored when the exam is just at arm’s length. Hence, having a good sleep shall help to retain your memory and sharpness for the examination.

Meditate Often

When the preparation phase is complete, the mental phase comes into the picture. Good and focused mental condition along with knowledge attained is the best combination for examination hour. Therefore, mediation for 5 or 10 mins, i.e. closing your eyes and concentrating on your breath, shall help u to remain calm before the examination.

During examination any time you feel stressed, you can focus on breathing for less than a minute and go back to attempt a question.

We wish the students a good luck!!

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