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Learning is an everyday process and there is no shortcut for that. Law students, anyway, need to be updated about their surroundings. With the blink of an eye, a new important judgment came; which is important for your knowledge as well as for all the exams a student is preparing for.

The Syllabus of CLAT PG 2022 is framed in that way; where it becomes important for you to be updated with all the Legal Developments. Because the majority of paper is covered with it. Click here for the legal updates for CLAT PG

Dissect Your CLAT PG 2022 Syllabus: Students must write separately in a Note Pad all the Syllabus of CLAT PG 2022. This is a traditional method; but once you tick off the prepared portion from your syllabus, you will get enough confidence to go onto the next one. The Syllabus of CLAT PG includes Constitutional Law; Criminal Law; Torts; Contract; International Law; Intellectual Property Rights and Jurisprudence. Based on the syllabus, the expectation of CLAT PG question paper can be read here.

Landmark Judgments: The next thing a Student must do is to write all the Landmark Judgments from the above-mentioned Syllabus. And read important parts of this judgement. The student can access Manupatra, SCC Online etc. to read the judgment. There are 1000 important landmark judgments. But not all; it is important for the exam. Students must dissect some important judgments based on last year’s questions and the most discussed/ debatable topic in the country. The Landmark Judgments are mainly asked from the Criminal Law, Constitutional law and family law syllabus. 

Help From mentors/Internet Sources: There are various online academies preparing students for CLAT PG. They provide all the important judgments, both landmark and recent; various sets of Mocks; written conceptual materials collected and written by mentors from various authentic sources. This is one of the most effective ways to prepare yourself for CLAT PG. By sitting at home, you are getting good materials. You just have to follow them and learn the materials provided. Click here for our LLM Course

Grasp Case Laws: Learning case laws is not an easy task; you have to at least devote 2-3 hours to learning them. Make a habit, and read the important importance of judgments every day. Read and refresh your knowledge of important judgments, and try to discern various issues discussed in such judgments. Students, while reading judgments, must note down all necessary/ important information related to the case: e.g.  Bench for the case; Issues involved; important sections/ articles; precedents referred; decision of the court. Click here for our Week Talk on YouTube channel

Conceptual Knowledge from Judgment: Refresh your knowledge of important constitutional and legislative provisions, particularly those that may have been discussed in recent judgments; it would also be useful to ensure you are aware of historical case law and amendments related to such provisions, so that you have a more complete awareness of such provisions and the issues related to them. Click here for the conceptual understanding of recent judgments

Objective Section: In this part of CLAT PG 2022, the extracts from primary legal materials such as important statutes, court decisions in various fields of law shall be provided. 

Mock Series: Solving the Mock Series will help you to demonstrate the ability to read and understand the issues deliberated in the passage, as well as any arguments and viewpoints discussed or set out in the passage, as well as of legal issues and facts related to and arising out of the passage and the judgment or statute from which it is extracted; summarise the passage; and ability to apply your knowledge of the fields of law discussed in the passage. Click here for the LLM Mock Series

Some Recent Important Legal Developments important for exam (non-exhaustive and illustrative in nature):

  1. Delhi High Court Judgment on Marital rape;
  2. Sedition Law;
  3. Decriminalization of Legal Meteorology Act;
  4. UIDAI on Using Aadhar data in crime investigations;
  5. Daughters entitled to the Self-acquired Property of Father Dying Intestate;
  6. Uniform Applications of the term Cruelty regardless of religious and personal laws;
  7. Exterment Must Be Used With Utmost Caution & Only in Rare Circumstances;
  8. Rules Made to Exercise the powers of the State Legislature are Laws within the Meaning of Article 13;
  9. Fundamental Right to Conjugal Connection Not Available for Prisoners;
  10. Karnataka Hijab Judgment;
  11. Yes Bank Scam;
  12. Kulbhusan Jadav Case;
  13. The Citizenship Amendment Act;
  14. National Education Policy.
Marital Rape: a dreadful slur on the dignity & Human Rights of Women
Local Language in the Constitutional Court

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