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NTA conducts the UGC NET Exam twice a year. Paper-1 consists of ten units, each with an equal weighting in the exam.  Environment, Logical Reasoning, Teaching Aptitude, Research Aptitude, Communication, ICT, and Higher Education are the most important topics in the UGC NET paper- 1. Paper 1 of the UGC NET 2021 is a generic exam that is required of all applicants, regardless of their choice of Paper 2. This is an incredibly important paper, with 50 questions and a total of 100 points. The first paper assesses candidates’ knowledge of the fundamentals of teaching ability, research methodology, logical reasoning, communication, and other related topics. An Assistant Professor or Junior Research Fellow is expected to do so. Therefore, the score of this paper has a greater impact on the total results. We’ve compiled a list of key factors that will assist you in developing an effective approach for preparing for Paper 1 of the UGC NET/JRF 2021. The fact that there is no negative marking in the paper is one positive factor that might help you greatly boost your chances. As a result, if you put in the necessary amount of effort, you will have a better chance of cracking the exam.

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The UGC NET 2021 Paper 1 is primarily intended to assess individuals’ suitability for the positions for which they are applying and so contains ten different topics. These issues are important, despite their broad character. It is preferable if you were prepared for each of these areas, and the following are some helpful hints to aid in your preparation:

  1. Understand the Syllabus

Before starting preparation, it is advisable for the student must go through the syllabus at least once time. Instead of studying from the beginning, spend some time learning about the UGC NET syllabus. Understanding the topics that will be covered in Paper 1 and why they will be covered will help you develop a much better strategy for preparing for UGC NET Paper 1.

  1. Know the exam pattern

After going through the syllabus and previous year’s questions, the student will be able to know the examination pattern. Just knowing the themes is not enough. Analyze the question structure and relative weighting of the topics in past years’ UGC NET papers. This will give you a decent indication of which issues should be prioritized.

  1. Make a plan

After knowing the exam pattern, the students are able to prepare a plan accordingly because students know which topic is stronger and which topic is weak accordingly, students should make a plan for the study.

  1. Make a notes

When you begin studying, make sure you take detailed notes on the things you are studying. Each of the ten topics is extensive, and it’s easy to lose track of what you’re learning. It is possible that there may not be enough time to go over the full syllabus again. Your notes, on the other hand, will be useful for a rapid review of concepts.

  • Revision

Once the students prepare notes, it is advisable to the students try to revise the note as much as possible for the student. This will help make a better concept on each and every topic it will be very helpful in the examination

  • Practice previous year paper question

Practising UGC NET previous year’s question questions will give you a better concept of what to expect throughout the exam and will keep you from being surprised on the last day. It also displays how much time you should spend on each topic on exam day.

  • Try to appear in the Mock test

After you’ve familiarized yourself with the course content and exam format, it’s time to see where you stand in terms of your preparation. Attend UGC NET practice tests to discover if you can solve the paper under time constraints.

  • Try to practice and manage the time

It is no secret that the UGC NET Paper 1 syllabus is extensive, and if you do not manage your time well, you may likely overlook important topics. This is not a nice scenario to be in, so make sure you budget your time wisely.

It is time to settle your thoughts, focus on the task at hand, and savor the benefits of your hard work now that you’ve put your best foot forward and studied as much as you can. Go in with the strategy, read the questions carefully, attempt all the questions. You will undoubtedly pass the UGC NET 2021 paper 1 with ease.

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