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CLAT PG exam has undergone tremendous changes since 2019. Be it the introduction of subjective questions or change in the syllabus and pattern of the exam. With so much going on, it is very difficult to reasonably predict the kind of questions that will be asked in the 2022 examination. The lack of past year papers on the recent pattern is also a major hurdle. With so much confusion, how should an aspirant prepare for the exam? Or, what kind of questions can be expected in the 2022 exam?

From the analysis of the 2020 and 2021 papers, it has been observed that questions can be asked from a wide range of subjects with an equally wide range of possibilities among them. Questions focus on assessing the conceptual understanding; knowledge of recent and landmark judgments; and legal deductive reasoning. There has also been an increased focus on Family Law, CrPC, Jurisprudence and Public International Law in the comprehension passages.

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To be able to answer such a wide range of questions, you need superpowers! You are required to go through the basics of almost 15 bulky law subjects, read landmark as well as recent judgments (with not much certainty on how recent a judgment should be), and prepare for writing award-winning subjective answers. Of course, it is not impossible to crack the exam, but it sure requires strategic and sustainable efforts. 

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