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To prepare for the UGC NET JRF Exam, it is necessary to stay focused, motivated, and concentrated on the planned framework. We advise the following tips to qualify for the exam:

Analysis of Previous Year Paper: Before preparing for any exam, take your time to analyze the previous year’s paper. You will get an idea of the pattern of questions being asked in the exam as well as the topics repeatedly asked in the exam.

Time Management: Prioritize topics and differentiate, on which subjects/ topic to invest more or less time. Divide equal time for the preparation of both Paper 1 and Paper 2.

Prepare Notes: Make precise and short notes. Your Scope of study must be wide, but the source you are relying on must be limited. 

Revision: It is the most important step. Only understanding topics do not qualify us for our exam. It must be in our brain. For that revision is necessary, revise notes as much as possible.

Use of the Internet: Personally, this is the best helping hand for any students, sitting in any corner to prepare for the exam. Everything is on the Internet today. There are many websites providing notes and Mock- Test for exam preparation. There are a huge number of videos related to exam preparation on YouTube. The only thing you must keep in mind that the source you are relying on must be a reliable source.

Mock Test: This is the best way to test your Knowledge before the exam. This will help you to evaluate yourself. You will get an idea of which topic you need to focus on more. Solve at least 3- 4 Mock tests.

The week before Exam: Don’t touch any new topic. Solve at least 5-6 years Previous Years Question Papers. And, revise your entire prepared and highlighted note.

 Dear Aspirants,

The 0utcome is not in our hands, but Hard-work does. Give your 100% to prepare for the exam; you will get the best result.” 

NTA UGC NET- JRF Scholarship

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