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As we all know, CLAT PG pattern is changed and now what they require from an LLM is to have good reading skills. It is a massive task for a CLAT aspirant to sit continuously for 2 hours and read and solve 10-12 comprehension based questions. So here are some suggestions to tackle the same. Here are some Preparation Strategies for CLAT PG 2021

1) Your Approach: First and the foremost requirement to appear in any exam is your attitude towards the exam or way of approaching the exam. Every aspirant must have a positive and disciplined approach during their preparation journey. How to adapt to this approach?

  • Planning: Make proper plans for your preparation. And sticking to that plan is more important than just making plans. Modify your goals according to the situation and time left for examination.
  • Set Small Targets: Set your targets and achieve them anyhow is the key to crack any exams. Your target may be a daily, weekly or monthly basis. It depends on you

2) Solve Previous Year paper: This is the best way to start your journey. As the 2020 CLAT paper was comprehensive, it is a must for every aspirant to solve it. It will help you to know the quality of comprehensions asked and where you need to improve. Try to solve it in two hours so that you can understand where you are standing.

3) Reading Newspapers: Reading newspapers will help you improve your reading skills and understand the passages. As the CLAT authority requires a good understanding of contemporary legal issues, every aspirant needs to read the English newspaper’s legal problems. It would be more beneficial if CLAT shifted to the offline model of conducting the exams.

4) Reading Case Laws: According to the question paper of CLAT 2020, there were five to six comprehensions taken directly from the judgements. By this, we can understand how vital reading case laws are.

  • How to read case laws?: You need to understand that there is no need to read the whole case. Facts hardly matter from examination point of view. However, there are some cases where you need to know the facts because they are relevant from the legal perspective and the political or social importance. Like Sabarimala Case, Ram janmabhoomi case (Ayodhya), etc.
  • Do not waste your time in reading arguments. Arguments by the lawyers are least important from exam point of view.
  • Give an excellent reading to the judges’ observation part as this is the essential part of the examinations.
  • Set a weekly target that you need to cover x number of cases. The number of case reading depends upon the length and importance of judgment.

5) Practice Mocks: This is essential; otherwise, all your hard work will be in vain. It is necessary to make your brain and soul ready for the exam day, and for that mock practice very important.

  • Why mocks?:  It will serve two primary purposes; firstly, it will help in your reading comprehension passages. The regular practice will boost your reading speed and will also improve understanding the legal comprehension. Which will prepare your mind and you will be able to do well on exam day. The second thing is it will create a set up in your mind so that you will not feel different or your panic button will not click at the time of examination.
  • How to give a mock? : Purchase a mock test series and start practising. Give one or two mocks in a week. When there is less time in the examination, give 3-4 mocks in a week. And most importantly, after giving mock analyze it thoroughly. And if possible try to take a mock from 3 pm to 5 pm as most probably your exam time will 3-5 pm.

6) Make proper use of Mobile Phones: A CLAT aspirant must read Articles or Editorials of various publishers. Every one of us has mobile phones in our house an aspirant must visit different platforms and read articles from there. It will also serve two

  • Firstly, it will enhance your reading skills, and you will have a broader understanding of legal issues.
  • Secondly, as the CLAT authority said, they will focus on legal current contemporary issues, so this article reading will also cover this aspect.
  • Every CLAT student needs to read from Live law or Bar n bench or any other legal service provider once in a day.  It will take your preparation to the next level.

7) Consistency: Yes! If you guys don’t have consistency in your hard work, no plans or strategies will work. Consistency is the key for your desired prestigious seat in an NLU. Setting targets won’t matter if you did not complete your target consistently till the exam happen.

So Guys lastly, Never Underestimate yourself. You are capable of more than you ever imagine. Good Luck.

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