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Pros and Cons

Conventionally, the LL.M. Course is provided for 2 years like other Master Degree Courses. On the other hand, the NLUs and many renowned Private colleges and Deemed universities offer one year LL.M. Course with specialization. Now both the two years and a one-year course have their pros and cons. Following are some pros and cons of 1 year and 2 years LL.M Course:

  • One year LL.M. Course

UGC (University Grant Commission) issued a notification in 2014 and stated that where two successive Bachelor Courses are done or any integrated course for 5 years is pursued in the relevant field, the Master Degree can be pursued for one year. Again, many have doubts regarding whether one year LL.M. is valid for building his/her career in academics? Answer to this is provided by BCI (Bar Council of India) circular dated 2nd January 2017, where it was stated that one year LL.M. is valid and is equivalent to the 2 years LL.M Course.

  • Pros of One year LL.M. Course
  • It saves time.
  • It is often better than the 2 years course provided by the traditional universities as it compulsorily offers specialization (except few) in a particular subject.
  • It has a highly structured course plan that can be best for 1 year.
  • Doing one year LL.M. from NLUs or renowned college creates a greater attraction to your CV.
  • One year LL.M. from top NLUs adds weightage for which you would be preferred in corporate jobs and other jobs.
  • Cons of One year LL.M. Course
  • It lacks providing an experience as is gained while doing 2 years LL.M. where students of LL.M have a course of teaching to the LL.B students.
  • The student pursuing one year LL.M. gets very little time for completing the dissertation work.
  • Not all the subjects can be focused in depth, except the subject of specialization.
  • Lots of pressure and hard work in one year course.
  • Two years of LL.M. Course

This is the traditional LL.M. offered by conventional universities. It also has its pros and cons. Some of them are as follows:

  • Pros of Two years LL.M. Course
  • It provides ample time to gather the research experience and effectively complete dissertation work.
  • It often gives an opportunity to have a teaching experience included in the course.
  • Two years of LL.M. is sometimes preferred by a few universities for academics.
  • Cons Two years LL.M. Course
  • It is time-consuming, as a one year course is made equivalent to a two years LL.M course.
  • Often this two years’ course is not offered with specialization.
  • Having no specialization, it lacks in-depth knowledge about a particular field.

Observing the pros and cons of both the courses it can be figured that one year LL.M. being a time saving one with a specialization is of course a beneficial one. But that one year is of much pressure and one needs to be focused, determined, and a good sense of time management. Well, but pursuing LL.M. from NLUs or renowned private colleges can weigh heavy on your pocket. However, the facilities, environment, amenities, and quality education are worth the money.

On the other hand, the conventional two years course gives you ample scope to enhance your research skills. But ultimately it depends upon the individual who pursues LL.M. If he/she has the urge to develop his/her research skill, he can even do it himself within a year with hard work. From the financial aspect, the two years LL.M. Course is pocket friendly. The one having financial constraints can opt for it. However, two years of LL.M. from a private college can also cost high. Again, it is undeniable that in this era of competition, investing one more year can cost heavy for your career opportunities. The only major drawback of the one-year course is that it lacks providing scope for gathering teaching experiences.

Above mentioned are some pros and cons of 1 year and 2 years LL.M Course


Considering all these points you can decide the best for you. Remember the first step toward getting somewhere better and bigger is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are now. And the only way to come up with great work and improve yourself is to love what you are doing.



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