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CLAT PG 2020 notification was already out few days back. The question type has changed again this year. (CLAT PG) Comprehension Based Question is the new question type. Students have to answer comprehension based question this year in clat pg 2020.

CLAT PG Comprehension Question was asked previously in the exams. MCQs were directly asked in clat pg till 2019. But the introduction of CLAT PG Comprehension Question creates a little bit of panic in the minds of clat pg aspirants. As they have to answer two subjective questions as well in 2 hours exam, they are afraid that they might not time to write the essay answers properly. For that, time management will play a vital role in clat pg 2020.

CLComprehension Question was not asked from 2015 to 2019. But if we look back of the Previous Years question paper CLAT PG Comprehension based question was asked before 2014. But a lot cannot be understood from the previous years question papers.

Regarding the CLAT PG Comprehension question, Clat Consortium has laid down some guidelines:

  1. You will be provided extracts from primary legal materials such as important court decisions in various fields of law, statutes or regulations
  2. Comprehension question will check the ability to read and comprehend the issues discussed in the passage, as well as any arguments and viewpoints discussed or set out in the passage
  3. it will check the awareness of the issues discussed in the passage, as well as of legal issues and facts related to and arising out of the passage and the judgment or statute from which it is extracted
  4. Comprehension question determines whether you can summarise the passage or not
  5. it will check the ability to apply your knowledge of the fields of law discussed in the passage

Basically, this guidelines will help you to understand how to tackle this kind of question in the exam. But, there is dearth of books that talk about comprehension based question for clat pg exam. This kind of question demands your analytical skill, comprehension skill and reading skill to be honed regularly.

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