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  • Tell us about yourself.

Hello! I am Arohi Pathak and I have graduated from NLIU, Bhopal in 2019.  I appeared for CLAT LLM 2019 and secured an AIR 87 with 92.25 marks. I am currently preparing for Judicial Services Examinations.

  • Share your views on this year’s CLAT LLM paper.

Though CLAT LLM 2019 was a relatively easy paper as far as the objective part was concerned, it was somewhat unexpected. The weightage of Jurisprudence was significantly reduced with new portions of IPR and International Law being introduced. Despite the difficulty level of the paper not being so high, the cut-off remained more or less same as last year’s due to introduction of the subjective portion.

The subjective part of the paper had five options, of which any two were to be attempted. Questions were asked from victim compensation, ordinance making under Constitution, global terrorism, generic drugs and International law. It was a mixed set where questions were largely general in nature. Scoring in this portion is highly dependent on good writing skills and substantiating your answer with recent developments.

Overall, it was a good paper which was well within the syllabus prescribed. The paper was surprising in some aspects as it did not follow past year patterns. The questions in the subjective part were neither predictable nor something that anybody could have prepared for.


  • What was your strategy for the exam?

I had very little time to prepare for the exam, so I had to rationalize my preparation. I skimmed through some past year papers at the beginning of my preparation to understand the pattern and important topics. I started with Constitution since it held the most weightage and is highly scoring. I divided my time for the rest of the subjects in accordance with their weightage in past year papers. My strategy was to thoroughly familiarize myself with the Bare Acts.  I referred to A K Jains guide for LLM. I regularly solved past year papers and practice MCQs for every subject. I referred to Judicial Service Examination books to practice as much MCQs as I could. It is also very important to keep revising at frequent intervals during your preparation.


  • According to you, when is the perfect time for a final year student to start the preparation for CLAT LLM?

Preparing for CLAT LLM is all about focussing on the important topics and constant practice of past year papers and MCQs. A dedicated preparation of 2-3 months is enough to secure a good rank in the exam. Since the exam takes place in May every year, starting your preparation from January is ideal.

  • How did you prepare for Constitution?

I read the Bare Act twice before referring A K Jain’s guide to have a clear understanding of the concepts. For additional reading, I referred to A K Jain’s guide for LLM. I also read landmark judgements and recent developments from online sources. Lastly, I solved a lot of objective questions and past year papers of CLAT LLM, AILET, DU LLM, BHU LLM etc.


  • How did you prepare for the subjective Part?

I did not specifically prepare for the subjective portion. I analysed a few past year papers of CLAT to understand the nature of questions. I read recent landmark judgements which helped me substantiate my answer.

During the exam, I took five minutes to make an outline of my answer so I don’t miss any important points. I focussed on keeping the answer structured and comprehensible. Substantiating your answer with recent developments gives you an edge over other candidates.

  • How have you prepared for other Law subjects?

I followed the same strategy as I did for Constitution. I focussed on the bare act and LLM guide for conceptual clarity. I solved a lot of MCQs on every subject. Since IPR was a new addition, I only studied the bare act due to lack of time.

  • Is the information provided by Jurisedge Portal & Youtube Channel helpful for LLM exam aspirants?

I left my preparation for recent developments for the last two days before the exam. I found the YouTube channel of Jurisedge very helpful in covering current affairs effectively in a short duration of time. The videos were concise and informative. I would recommend Jurisedge Portal and Youtube channel to all aspirants for a quick and effective revision.


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