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  • Tell us about yourself.

My name is Syed Aamir. I have completed my graduation from AMU and LLM from NLSIU, Banglore. I have qualified NET in the month of July.

  • What is your Thought on this Year’s Question Paper?

This year paper was moderate to tough. Many questions were straight but that requires your perfection in cramming the sections and Articles.

  • What is your strategy For Paper I?

I prepared first paper through Pratiyogitasahitya guide and also took the help of online study materials. Jurisedge material for NET-JRF was also of great help in cracking the exam.

  • According to you, when is the perfect time for a student to start the preparation for UGC-NET?

You need to have 5 months in pocket, if you target NET and JRF.


  • How did you manage Paper I and Paper II preparation simultaneously?

It was little tough as i had my regular classes going on at that point of time, but anyhow i managed to give 2 hours to paper-1 and same to paper 2.

  • How did you prepare Subjects like Jurisprudence & Constitution in Paper II (Mention Book Name You Followed)?—

For Jurisprudence, I referred Garima Tiwari along with Jurisedge materials and for Constitution, I referred JN Pandey.

  • How you manged to cover new subjects introduced this time?

Yes, that was tough to manage as I had no idea which part will come and which part will not. So in order to score good, I covered all subjects and later revised it.

  • What were your approaches for Vast Subjects like International Law and Environmental Law and Human Rights in Paper II (Mention Book Name You Followed)?

For all these subjects also one may read the guide of AK Jain along with Jurisedge material for NET-JRF.

  • How have you prepared for Other Law Subjects?

I prepared through my class notes and guide of AK Jain and online materials.


  • Which as per you was the most difficult part of the UGC NET exam? How did you handle that?-

International Law was little difficult for me as it has very wide range and I could not figure out as to what to leave and what to cover.

  • Do you feel that is there any difference in preparation regarding UGC-NET and UGC-NET JRF?-

Both papers are of equal importance. I have seen people failing in this exam because they scored less in paper 1. So, in order to score well, cover both the papers properly.

  • Any message or success tip you want to share for UGC-NET aspirants?—

Do hard work and go through the materials as I mentioned above. Practice at the end is also the key get good percentile. Work smart that will help you all undoubtedly.


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