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  • Tell us about yourself.

Hi, This is Manya. I completed my graduation from University of Delhi (SRCC) and after that i pursued my LLB from the same university and at present enrolled for LLM at National Law School of India University. Moreover, am also a UGC NET-JRF qualified. ugc-net

  • What is your Thought on this Year’s Question Paper?

This time paper was little tough as compared to past years paper. Out of  both Paper-1 was little complex as it included many current topics which i was not expecting.

  • What is your strategy For Paper I?

KVS Madaan is the appropriate book to prepare for Part-1. Moreover, students can also prefer some Youtube Series for that. Candidates are also supposed to keep themselves updated to environmental news as well.


  • According to you, when is the perfect time for a student to start the preparation for UGC-NET?

You need to keep some months in pocket to get good percentile in the exam. People who are really interested in the field of academics  should start preparing for it 4-5 months before the exam.

  • How did you manage Paper I and Paper II preparation simultaneously?

I kept a very simple strategy for my NET Preparation.  I always prepare with deadlines. Keeping my study quite focused. For Paper-1, KVS Madaan is the right book to start with. Moreover, practising mcqs is also a key to get good marks. For paper 2, i referred to different books and study material. A.K Jain for Constitution and Garima Tiwari for Jurisprudence, i would advice students to go for. Moreover, subjects like family law and criminal law, you should stick to Bare acts only.

  • How did you prepare Subjects like Jurisprudence & Constitution in Paper II (Mention Book Name You Followed)?

As I already mentioned, I referred Garima Tiwari for jurisprudence and A.K Jain for constitution. Moreover, for extensive study, you can  also refer M.P Jain and V.N Shukla.

  • What were your approaches for Vast Subjects like International Law and Environmental Law and Human Rights in Paper II (Mention Book Name You Followed)?

I referred to the LL.M entrance guide of AK Jain and some online materials .


  • How have you prepared for Other Law Subjects?

I prepared my own notes for other subjects and till the end i stick to that only.

  • What are the mistakes One should avoid while preparing for UGC-NET?

Do not allow negative thoughts to come in. Have faith in yourself  and study smart.

  • Which as per you was the most difficult part of the UGC NET exam? How did you handle that?

Both the Papers have equal role is shaping your percentile. Do not miss on anything.

  • Do you feel that is there any difference in preparation regarding UGC-NET and UGC-NET JRF?-

This cannot be answered with certitude. Candidates should give equal importance to both the Papers because the more you score, higher the chances of getting JRF.

  • Any message or success tip you want to share for UGC-NET aspirants?

Keep a positive outlook. Have faith in yourself.



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