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  • Tell us about yourself. UGC-NET

Hi, This is Amlan Chakraborty did my BA.LL.B (hons.) from KIIT School of Law.Bhubaneshwar and currently I m pursuing my LL.M from NLSIU, Bangalore.I qualified for UGC NET-JRF this time with 206/300 marks (68.66%).

  • What is your Thought on this Year’s Question Paper?

This year paper was considerably tough as compared to past year papers as the question paper pattern had also undergone certain changes.

  • What is your strategy For Paper I?

I prepared for first paper through KVS Madaan reading up all of the units for along with additional sources like Lucent’s GK and referred to online sources.

  • According to you, when is the perfect time for a student to start the preparation for UGC-NET?

Ideally, the students who are seriously interested to pursue their careers in academia should go for it, and if they make their minds they should start preparing after taking admission in LL.M course.

  • How did you manage Paper I and Paper II preparation simultaneously?

As far as my preparation strategy goes, I prepared extensively for Paper I from KVS Madaan reading its units, additionally solving its questions at the back and also referring to other question banks like Trueman’s for getting acquainted with the pattern of questions. For Paper II , I referred to AK Jain book for LL.M entrance examination. All of this was done by me simultaneously as both the papers demand equal attention. I also suggest everyone to solve very religiously the past year papers for acing this examination.

  • How did you prepare Subjects like Jurisprudence & Constitution in Paper II (Mention Book Name You Followed)?

For subjects like Constitutional Law and Jurisprudence, the similar standards/modus-operandi of preparation is required as for the LL.M entrance examinations as the questions asked are more or less the same.So,ideally referring to the books like VN Shukla,MP Jain and preparing notes for the same and along with Paranjape/V.D. Mahajan/O.P Tripathy and preparing notes from them will also help.

  • What were your approaches for Vast Subjects like International Law and Environmental Law and Human Rights in Paper II (Mention Book Name You Followed)?

I referred to the LL.M entrance guide of AK Jain.

  • How have you prepared for Other Law Subjects?

I prepared my own notes and also referred the LLM. Entrance guide of AK Jain along with online sources from the Internet for any kind of doubt.

  • What are the mistakes One should avoid while preparing for UGC-NET?

One should try to avoid negative thoughts of failure,have a positive approach and prepare honestly and thoroughly for this Exam .

  • Which as per you was the most difficult part of the UGC NET exam? How did you handle that?

I think, second paper of each year is difficult and should be prepared thoroughly. I also recommend each aspirant to lay equal emphasis on Paper I as well.

  • Do you feel that is there any difference in preparation regarding UGC-NET and UGC-NET JRF?-

In my opinion there is none at all for preparation. The scoring of marks on the other hand determines the fate of getting NET or JRF. The higher the marks,the better chances of getting JRF.

  • Any message or success tip you want to share for UGC-NET aspirants?

Consistent efforts, positive approach and going through the materials as  mentioned above hold the key for this examination.



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