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  • Tell us about yourself.

I am Shelly Sharan ,currently pursuing LL.M. (Business laws) from National Law School of India University (Bengaluru).  I am from Uttarakhand and completed my graduation in  June 2018, then I cleared CLAT-PG, in the month of December,2018 I have appeared in the NET exam organized by NTA and cleared it with 99.95 percentile score. I am qualified for JRF and Assistant Professor both. ugc-net law

  • What is your Thought on this Year’s Question Paper?

I have seen previous year papers and I don’t think that December,2018 NET was substantially different from those papers, as far as the difficulty level of questions is concerned.

  • What is your strategy For Paper I?

I have gone through previous papers first in order to get the idea as to what sort of questions they can ask in the exam and I have practised questions from each topic that has been prescribed in the syllabus for Paper 1, doing so is essential because then only you get to know about your weak points and can make improvements. I don’t suggest that one has to solve each and every question given in the book, one should do that number of questions which make him understand the logic and tricks behind the questions, once you become capable of understanding the method of solving the questions related to every topic in the syllabus, you don’t need to put in more.

  • According to you, when is the perfect time for a student to start the preparation for UGC-NET?

It depends upon how much you are associated with the subject which you have chosen for NET. If one is a student who has just graduated or the one who has very recently completed Masters in the same subject, the ideal time to do a devoted and dedicated study is before two months of the date prescribed for the exam. In these two months if one studies with full concentration 5hours study per day would suffice. In case of the persons who are not in touch with their chosen subject the ideal time for beginning preparation is four months before the date prescribed for the exam, 5 hours study would then be sufficient.


  • How did you manage Paper I and Paper II preparation simultaneously?

One has to work in accordance with the length of the syllabus of the subject that he has chosen for paper 2nd. For Paper 1, 1.5 hours study per day will work and the rest of the study time should be devoted to the chosen subject that could be 3 3 or 4 hours depending upon the topics to be studied for this subject.

  • How did you prepare Subjects like Jurisprudence & Constitution in Paper II (Mention Book Name You Followed)?

I have studied Jurisprudence from V.D. Mahajan and Constitution from Dr. J.N. Pandey’s book on constitutional law. For jurisprudence I have tried to understand the basic concept of each school of thought and clearly categorized the different jurists in accordance with the school of thought that they have followed. Some of the must read jurists are Austin, Salmond, Hart, Savigny, Roscoe Pound, Jerome Frank,Bentham,Holland , but this list is not at all exhaustive. When it comes to jurisprudence, proper revision becomes very essential as one has to remember sentences and sometimes such sentences which say the same thing but in a slightly different manner so that one becomes capable of distinguishing the sayings of one jurist for the other jurist. I have comprehensively studied J.K. Upadhyay’s book for law subject and Arihant’s book for Paper1.

  • What were your approaches for Vast Subjects like International Law and Environmental Law and Human Rights in Paper II (Mention Book Name You Followed)?

I have referred to Dr. S.K. Kapoor’s book on International law and human rights and gone through bare act of various environmental legislations. I have confined my study only to the topics prescribed for these subjects in the syllabus prescribed. Since the course of law is so vast one should try to focus on important topics.


  • How have you prepared for Other Law Subjects?

I have given equal time to other law subjects so that I can cover each and every topic of these subjects and from the examination point of view doing this is necessary.

  • What are the mistakes One should avoid while preparing for UGC-NET?

Stay focused on the important things and do not waste time on trivial sections and unimportant or irrelevant stuffs, this is the mistake that people generally commit and this creates the difference as when you have only definite number of hours to study you should be very selective of what you study.

  • Which as per you was the most difficult part of the UGC NET exam? How did you handle that?

They ask questions from many different subjects of law so it becomes difficult to figure out as to how much time should be given to the subjects from which one or two questions in the exam might come like N.I. Act, Companies Act,etc. I handled it by studying only the important parts of such legislations.

  • Do you feel that is there any difference in preparation regarding UGC-NET and UGC-NET JRF?

No, there is no substantial difference in the preparation but if you really want to clear JRF multiple revision is must.

  • Any message or success tip you want to share for UGC-NET aspirants?

Believe in yourself, study on a regular basis , don’t neglect revision part and you will surely clear this exam.



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