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  • Tell us about yourself.

Hi, my name is Shivam kumar and I have my completed my law graduation i.e. LLB (Hons) from university of Lucknow with 69.67% Marks. And I secured a percentile of 99.65% in UGC-NTA NET DECEMBER 2018 Exam.-JRF

  • What is your Thought on this Year’s Question Paper?

This year question paper was moderate to difficult. It was not an easy paper. The questions were not only factual but also application based. Plus this year online paper for ugc nta net has been started which also created a lot of problems and difficulties for those students who were not well equipped with the computers and online exams.

  • What is your strategy For Paper I?

My strategy was very simple for paper 1. I started preparing for paper 1 with K.V.S Madaan and true man’s book and apart from that i was also studying for paper 1 with the help of YouTube channels.


  • according to you, when is the perfect time for a student to start the preparation for UGC-NET?

According to me if you are appearing for the December net exam than you must prepare from 4 months before the exam i.e. from August. And if you are appearing for the July NTA NET exam than you must start preparing from the month of January that according to me is the best time to study for the preparation of UGC- NET

  • How did you manage Paper I and Paper II preparation simultaneously?

I divided the time of the day for the preparation of the both the papers. As I was in NLSIU Bangalore while I was preparing for the NET exam I used to get very less time nearly about 4 hours for the study of nta net exam so I used to give equal time i.e. 2 hours to both the papers.  That’s how i managed my studies for both the papers simultaneously.

  • How did you prepare Subjects like Jurisprudence & Constitution in Paper II (Mention Book Name You Followed)?

I studied jurisprudence and constitution from A.K Jain book and apart from that i also took hep with bare act I also studied jurisprudence from V.D Mahajan book and constitution from J.N. Pandey.

  • What were your approaches for Vast Subjects like International Law and Environmental Law and Human Rights in Paper II (Mention Book Name You Followed)?

One of my most important approaches for these vast subjects in paper 2 was to solve all previous year question papers of 10 years. Apart from that I also solved several question papers from the judicial service exams.


  • How have you prepared for Other Law Subjects?

I adopted the same approach for all other subjects as well. I solved all previous year question papers apart from reading through A.K Jain guide book.

  • What are the mistakes One should avoid while preparing for UGC-NET?

Never for a single moment think that you cannot clear NET exam. It is actually your confidence and self believe that actually helps you to crack the NET Exam.

  • Which as per you was the most difficult part of the UGC NET exam? How did you handle that?

Labour and industrial was the most difficult part.

  • Do you feel that is there any difference in preparation regarding UGC-NET and UGC-NET JRF?

No i do not feel that there is actually any difference in preparation regarding UGC-NET and UGC-NET JRF.

  • Any message or success tip you want to share for UGC-NET aspirants?

Believe in yourself and work your ass off if you really want this. Work hard and work with full honesty. And don’t forget to enjoy the process of learning.


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