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  • Tell us about Yourself.

I am Gajendra Sinh Vasava.  A law graduate from Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda and at present working as Executive Trainee in Power System Operation Corporation Ltd(PSU).

  • Share your Views on PSUs and How CLAT PG is related to PSUs?

As, PSUs have now started recruiting candidates based on their CLAT score, it is a great incentive to all who are preparing for LLM as the same preparation can help them to get an interview call from any of PSU’s of India. These days the demand of PSU’s has gone quite up. The competition is getting tougher as a lot of students are taking CLAT exam for getting into PSU’s only.  The better rank you score, the better chances you get to get an interview call from PSU’s.

  • What fascinates you to go for PSU?

Amount of perks which you get in working in PSU is as good or even better than many of the jobs in top tier firms. The primary thing which fascinates me is the work environment. As interaction with many who are working in PSU has always given me motivation to get up for these job opportunities. Moreover, the pay scale is also very coveting. Additionally, it also provides you time so that you can thrive your passion.


  • According to you, what is the minimum cut-off in CLAT PG for getting a call for PSU Interview?

The minimum cut-off required to get a call for the interview varies from category to category, but as general in the year 2017, candidates scored more than 110 got a call and in 2018, it was 93.

Another factor which affects the whole process is the ‘vacancy’. Normally, the ratio which is maintained by PSU is 1:5. So, on one seat, 5 candidates will be called for. So, till which rank the person will be called in the interview highly depends on the number of vacancies.

  • Are the students required to register with PSU separately for appearing in PSU Interview?

Yes, after the submission of CLAT form, students are required to apply and register separately on the official website of respective PSU.

  • Is there any difference between the preparations for CLAT PG for LLM and CLAT PG for PSU? If yes, How to prepare for the PSU?

Yes, for CLAT LLM, even a study of 1-2 months will suffice, but if you are eyeing PSU’s, then knowing each and every part of the subject is imperative. The preparation should be holistic and do not take risk of leaving any subject  as you never know, that part can make or break you.  The negative marking in CLAT should also be handled smartly. Taking risk can be favourable but there are chances it might go against you. So, using elimination method in the exam can be little helpful in order to counter negative marking.

  • Share your experience about PSU Interview.

I went for two interviews. The PSU which I got through is POSOCO. The interview scene was quite conducive.  Initially, I was little nervous but with time things got fine. The panel started with basic HR questions and later it got hard core law. Questions ranged from contract to arbitration,  knowledge of ACTs like Electricity Act may come handy in the interview.  They just expect that the candidate should have the basic idea of law.  I tried my best to give them satisfactory answers to the questions. I had an instinct of the interview going well but you cannot be sure about the result until the results come out.  The only thing, which I could now say is Just give best in the interview, be confident and that is all.


  • What is the approach to tackle PSU Interview?

Cover the basics of law which you think, could be asked in the interview.  Look at the functioning of the interview and accordingly cover other legislations.  One advice, if you do not know the answer, just be be straight, do not play blind with them. They are very experienced people, they will understand your trick easily. Try to answer the questions with confidence, they might play trick to confuse you. Keep the answers to the point only. Do not get nervous and dress yourself properly as first impression also matters.

  • There is a myth that to crack the PSU through CLAT PG, you need prior work experiences. What is your take on that?

This is mendacious. I admit people do discuss this but experience is not the only criteria. Their have been many who got through without experience and there are many who failed to crack the interview even having so many years of experience. I believe, the recruiters do not believe in work experience, they just focus on the potential and knowledge of the candidate. Additionally it provides you time to thrive towards your passions. You can enjoy your life along with the job.

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