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  • Tell us about yourself.

My name is Rajat Deep, and I have just given the final semester examination of LL. B at Faculty of Law, University of Delhi. I have done my graduation from Patna University in English Literature.

I belong to Vaishali District of Bihar. My mother is a teacher under ICDS programme and engaged in various social welfare schemes of Government of India and State of Bihar. My father is doing job in private sector. I owe my success to my mother’s and Sister’s blessing and support from one of my friends


  • Share your views on this Year’s CLAT LLM Paper.

This year’s LLM Paper was quite different from the all previous years. The questions were not straight forward, and they were conceptual and analytical one. You have read all the options very carefully to arrive at the correct choice.

Questions from “Other Laws” were very surprising. Only 1 questions came from IPR and many questions came form Family laws. Many questions came from environmental law despite it was excluded from the syllabus. Barely 1-2 questions came from IPC or CrPC. Critical Legal Theory and Feminist Jurisprudence were asked first time as far as I remember.

However, according to me questions were good and such pattern should be continued so that basics and conceptual clarity of student can be checked.

These Books to Follow For CLAT PG

  • What is your strategy For the Exam?

Firstly, I solved the previous year question papers of CLAT PG to get the idea of questions that are asked. Then I started studying Constitution and Jurisprudence simultaneously. As both the subjects are my favourites so there was no difficulty in studying. I was not able to give proper time to Other Laws section as my final semester exam was approaching. I just revised the bare acts of IPC, Contract, IPRs and other Acts.

For latest Judgments I referred Livelaw.com and Newspaper.

To conclude, my strategy was Read-Revise-Practice Questions.


  • According to you, when is the perfect time for a final year student to start the preparation for CLAT LLM?

This is a subjective question. However, at least 3 months must be devoted to clear this exam with good rank. In my case I started in January and gave daily 2-3 hours for this examination.

  • Do you think that one month is enough for preparing CLAT LLM?

Again, the answer depends on the students. However, several factual questions are asked and especially If we see the Jurisprudence then one month is very less time. Ideally one should give one month to each section.


  • How have you conquered the Jurisprudence?

I studied Jurisprudence from V.D Mahajan’s Jurisprudence and Legal Theory and prepared notes. One can conquer jurisprudence if one seriously studies this book as many questions directly come from this book. However, it is advisable to make own notes from this book so that one can revise topics several times.

  • How have you dealt with the Constitution?

For Constitution I referred Bare Constitution and Indian Polity by M. Laxmikant. However, during my course, I studied Constitution from V.N Shukla and M.P Jain as well which are essential to build basics and clearing concepts. All these certainly helped me solving questions.


  • How have you prepared for Other Law Subjects?

As I said above I was not able to give proper time to this portion. However, the key to this portion is Bare Acts as many questions directly come from Sections and Illustration be it IPC, Contract, IPRs, Statute of ICJ or UN Charter.

  • Is the information provided by Jurisedge Portal helpful for LLM exam aspirants?

Indeed, this portal helped me. I read interviews of successful students and came to know about how to prepare. I also solved free mock test provided by this portal which was a good experience.

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