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  • Tell us about yourself.

Hello. My name is Amlan Chakraborty and have completed my bachelor’s in law from KIIT School of Law,KIIT University,Bhubaneshwar.I have secured 103rd place in CLAT LLM PG Examination 2018.

  • Share your views on this Year’s CLAT LLM Paper.

This year’s paper was pretty offbeat and questions were unconventional of the type usually asked in CLAT PG Examination, particularly Part C which contained questions which are taught all thought the five years in bachelor degree such as Transfer of Property Act ,Partnership Act, Company law, Negotiable Instruments Act etc. apart from the regular questions from the syllabus mentioned in Part C. Also Part A contained a lot of questions from recent case laws.

  • What is your strategy For the Exam?

My preparation was on the lines of pattern of questions asked in the exam. I had tried to cover all possible aspect of the type of question which are generally asked in the exam.

  • According to you, when is the perfect time for a final year student to start the preparation for CLAT LLM?

This year’s examination was particularly competitive with more number of PSU’s being added up, I believe a fair amount of time ranging from 6-8 months need to be exclusively devoted for a thorough preparation for securing a good rank.

These Books to Follow For CLAT PG

  • Do you think that one month is enough for preparing CLAT LLM?

I have personally never believed in crash courses and do not suggest this to anyone. A month’s time is not enough for preparation as a lot of serious aspirants put in far more the effort to secure decent ranks. Having said all of this, I believe that a month’s preparation might be enough to just get through the exam.

  • How have you conquered the Jurisprudence?

I studied jurisprudence from very standard text books available in the market such as V.D. Mahajan or Paranjape.,O.P. Tripathy etc. The basic or fundamentals needs to very strong and hence students must study any standard book religiously, preparing extensive notes and committing to memory on a timely basis as this subject can be easily forgotten.


  • How have you dealt with the Constitution?

I studied the Constitution again from different standard text books such as MP Jain and VN Shukla covering the concepts as well as case-laws. Also a thorough study of the bare act is very essential along with keeping track of major contemporary verdicts being delivered across the country by various constitutional courts.

  • How have you prepared for Other Law Subjects?

Other law subjects include Contracts,torts,I.P.C as well as Public International Law,.I.P.R must also be prepared along the same lines viz .referring from the Bare Act and their illustrations and for subjects like torts ,Public International law and IPR referring from standard books such as Kapoor and VK Ahuja. Referring to any book containing a lot of MCQ’S on the same will also be useful for the students.

  • Is the information provided by Jurisedge Portal helpful for LLM exam aspirants?

Jurisedge has a large resource base particularly its mock papers are useful for the students for getting a feel of the real time examination necessary for acing the exam.

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