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CLAT LLM 2018 is knocking at the door of final year students. Only 6 months are left for the exam. Hence the Preparation for the exam is at its peak, also the anxiety of Jurisprudence.

Last time, Chanakya National Law University, Patna conducted Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) for post graduate law programmes for admissions to LLM programme(PG) for 18 National Law Universities (NLUs). CLAT PG is the most desired law entrance exam for post graduate law programme admissions in NLUs.

These Books to Follow for CLAT PG

The exam consists of multiple choice questions with single answer correct. Each question, to which correct answer is given, will be given +1 mark. Each question to which candidate answers incorrectly will be given -.25 marks. For the sake of convenience of students to prepare, in the mock test, no negative markings have been used. Candidates are advised to answer wisely to help judge their preparation.

This exam is not that difficult to crack. But this is true also that it is not that easy to crack either. And this is because of Jurisprudence.

Is Jurisprudence the Key to Crack CLAT LLM 2018?

We all have studied Jurisprudence in our law college career  (either 3 years course or 5 years course). But, we all are familiar with the fact that how interesting it is to study Jurisprudence!!! Nonetheless we had to study to pass the exam.

But, this time, it is not about passing the exam, it is all about cracking the exam. And there is a difference between that.

Also, ancient letters of the book of Salmond’s Jurisprudence do not really touch the hearts of many.

All India LLM Hive Course 

Apart from Salmond, VD Mahajan’s book is also there to entertain us.

But,  to crack the CLAT LLM 2018, apart from those books, Avtar Singh’s book and B.M Mani Tripathi’s book can come really handy to the students to browse through all the chapters of Jurisprudence in a very short time.

Hence, read those books and if you have any other books to mention, please mention in the comment section we would love to hear from you.

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  1. I’m a 2017 Pg Clat aspirant and for jurisprudence I’m referring Paranjape.

    1. Thank you for your reference.

      1. Should we have to read whole jurisprudence..or some specific topics are enough..if any plzz suggest

        1. There is no doubt that you have to read the whole jurisprudence. But we have tried to provide you with the information by which one can prioritize the portion of that subject.

  2. Are there any specific topics in jurisprudence..or to read whole of it?

    1. can concentrate on specific topics like types of schools, and few imp definitions given by jurists, and some cases related to this subject

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