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Join the India's Most Comprehensive Online Programme for the CLAT PG, LLM Exams, UGC-NET LAW.

Our Teachers and Mentors hold your hand from taking the LLM exams to mould the teacher within you.

Don’t go it alone, take the guidance of teachers and mentors  when …

  • You cannot take classroom Coaching due to Covid-19
  • Your essay writing is not upto the mark
  • You have nobody to take help regarding LLM Exam Guidance and strategy
  • Your Preparation is not going smoothly as per your planning
  • You are not sure about your exam approach due to change in syllabus

Sudipta Bhowmick

Founder & CEO, Jurisedge

Arohi Pathak

Executive Manager (Academic)

Saurabh Kumar

Content Head

Nistha Tiwari

Lead Researcher

Stop generalising One Coaching for All Law Exams
Every Exam needs a different approach

Enroll Now and Get personalized guidance that’s relevant to your LLM & UGC-NET Law Exams.

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Who could benefit from these programmes?

Basically anyone who are in their final years in LLB

  • You want to pursue an LLM from TOP NLUs
  • You need a job in Tier I and Tier II Law Firm
  • You need a solid back up options
  • You want a highly coveted PSU job.
  • You want to pursue LLM because you need time for your judiciary preparation
  • You want to be a Law Professor


Leverage been there done that
advice to hack your learning curve

Advice you’ll get in Judiciary Coaching isn’t suited for LLM & UGC-NET Law Exams, a mentorship from us is.

AIR 5, CLAT PG 2020 & AIR 90, AILET PG

"It is an excellent platform for LLM/PSU exam preparation."

Yes, I definitely recommend jurisedge. It is an excellent platform forLLM/PSU exam preparation. The best thing about jurisedge is the multiple learning opportunities that jurisedge offer, may it be through constant mock tests, live classes, study material and much more. The founder, Sudipta sir always push you to achieve better and also provides moral support whenever necessary.

Sahil Mathur

AIR 15, CLAT PG 2020 & AIR 46 BHU LLM 2020

"I strongly recommend Jurisedge to CLAT PG aspirants."

The Jurisedge platform had helped me in a no. of ways. 1)Mocks helped me in streamlining my preparation and chalking out subjects which need special attention 2)Efficient and timely preparation of subjects. 3)Guidance by Sudipta Sir helped me in coping with tough times like change of syllabus,pattern etc.

Apoorva Gupta

AIR 52, CLAT PG 2020

"They had live lectures where I used to interact with teachers to clear my doubts."

It contributed immensely in my preparation. It’s the first class in India to launch CLAT PG LLM online. They had live lectures where I used to interact with teachers to clear my doubts. They have the best teachers from top NLUs and their teaching technique were really the best. A lot of my basics were cleared by joining Jurisedge.

I highly recommend Jurisedge to everyone who wants to secure a good rank.

Sheetal Shinde

AIR 61, CLAT PG 2020 & AIR 115 AILET PG 2020

"Jurisedge has done a commendable job in tackling that situation and provided us with all the materials to cope up with the changes."

I came to know about this course in around November 2019 and enrolled for the same in thr next month. There were a lot number of mocktests and bundle of courses/study materials which could be accessed by logging into our account. There were regular interactive classes too on each of these compulsory subjects. However the whole process took a turn when clat changed the pattern of exam all of a sudden. All of us was awesetricken by that drastic change that was brought about. However jurisedge has done a commendable job in tackling that situation and provided us with all the materials to cope up with the changes. And this happened twice as the pattern was changed again after the release of sample paper . Jurisedge helped us the best possible manner by updating us with the list of landmark judgements and comprehensively covering the same with teachers.

Nandakrishna M

Why our students recommend Jurisedge?

A happy and satisfied student is a result of caring service

The All India LLM Course offered by Jurisedge was one stop solution for all my CLAT PG worries. It helped me in revision especially for Jurisprudence and Other Laws subjects as they form a major bone of contention in the run up to the exam. With the subjective guide, personal review, preparation guidance and regular 24x7 assistance from Jurisedge in excess to the subject materials, I was able to secure almost 34 Marks in my subjective section.

Manvendra Singh Jadon AIR 67, CLAT PG 2019

All India LLM course offered by Jurisedge helped in my CLAT PG 2019 preparation in such a way that it provided me a strategy for the exam, a personal attention and most important feedback on subjective part (the game changer). At the end I Just want to say ‘Thank you’ for everything provided to me by the Jurisedge because of you this was not possible. Thank you for motivating me.

Amber Jain AIR 102 CLAT PG 2019

Jurisedge helped me a lot. The study materials which Jurisedge provided with us, are very helpful during my revisions. They were with me when I was going through the bad phase.  I used to take suggestions. They helped me in making my routine and my timetable according to my schedule.  The subjective portion which was my weakness, they make it my strength.Yes, I would recommend for sure. First I was thinking of cracking CLAT but now I did it just because of Jurisedge.

Surbhi Goyal AIR 231 CLAT Pg 2019

Jurisedge Platform provided very substantive reading material for my masters preparation. It guided me throughout my preparation and gave me confidence to make difference in my academic journey with fruitful guidance of various resource person and also provided mocks for self assessment. I strongly recommend Jurisedge for pushing your preparation in right direction.

Ankit Lavania AIR 7 SAU & AIR 306 CLAT PG 2020

Jurisedge Academy is the go to forum for the perfect amalgamation of excellent faculty members, conscise academic study material and rigorous test series. It has provided a strong foundation by clearing concepts, thorough analysis of most important SC judgements and amendments.The open mock series conducted by the academy really helped me in having a better understanding of my weak areas and securing a good rank. You can't go wrong with the decision to join the academy.

Nishi Suteri AIR 108 CLAT PG 2020 & AIR 88 AILET PG

With the material provided and quality lectures It has helped me more than expected and would surely recommend to anyone that I would come across.

Abhinav Tyagi AIR 117 CLAT PG 2020 & AIR 50 Symbiosis LLM

I would highly recommend Jurisedge Academy's All India LLM course to every aspirant taking LLM entrance examinations. Jurisedge provided regular classes in all the 14 subjects of CLAT PG to clear our basics, which were followed by mini mocks on each subject. All the teachers were easily accessible through mail for all kinds of clarifications. However, what strengthened my belief in Jurisedge was the manner in which it handled the sudden change in pattern of CLAT PG after publication of sample paper. At last, the ability to take responsibility for its students' fate even in the most adverse of circumstances is what brings out the character of an institution.

Amrapalli Sharma AIR 124 CLAT PG 2020

Yes, definitely! From feedback on written answers to updated comprehensive mocks, Jurisedge puts you in a position to test yourself continuously.

Anindita Ghosh AIR 152 CLAT PG 2020

Jurisedge provided us more than promised. The minor legislations like Negotiable Instruments Act and TPA were covered extensively. Case laws are of utmost help. I do recommend Because the recorded lectures and mocks are very helpful. The pattern was changed few months before for the exam but they in been provided us with extensive case laws on each and every subject.

Saumya SIngh AIR 10 CNLU LLM 2020

Definitely one of the best, if not the best coaching out there. Facilities are blessings in disguise and the way Judgments were taught is excellent. 24*7 available for doubt solving and the summary of Judgments on website helps in last minute revision.

Devang Singh AIR 139 CLAT PG 2020

The LLM/ PSU preparation batch 2020 offered by Jurisedge Academy has helped me to cope up with the changed syllabus for PG LLM 2020 which was very hard to manage in such a short notice. It has come up with the strategy for the exam that was most required and boosted the confidence of the students. I strongly recommend Jurisedge to clat PG Aspirant.

DIba malik AIR 116 CLAT PG 2020

I had registered for the LLM short hive course. My experience at Jurisedge was enriching in every conceivable aspect. The modular approach and pedagogy at Jurisedge is by far the best available and more importantly the mentors take keen interest in every aspect of your preparation.

Udaya Bhanu Mishra AIR 46 AILET PG 2020

Juridege gave us alot of which we didn't expect and also I would say unique coaching

Vanshika Chourasiya AIR 100, AILET PG 2020

This time whole syllabus is changed, and it is new for every one but jurisedge had worked very hard to deliver its services. And i think it's worth it.

Venugopal Joshi AIR 329 CLAT PG 2020

The best part about the course is the online mocks which actually analyze your ranks with a timer to complete the test. Further materials were also provided by jurisedge along with recorded videos of each class. The best part was the preparation of subjective part. Yes I would recommend Jurisedge definitely. It actually helped to construct a mindset on how to study for the exam. Further the online lectures completed each topic in detail . The course even evolved with the new Clat PG pattern.

Disha Mazumdar AIR 324, CLAT PG 2020

Jurisedge has helped me immensely in my CLAT LLM Exam Preparation, especially when the exam pattern had changed suddenly in the lockdown. I am truly grateful for the prompt upgradation of the materials without any delay, and help whenever it was needed. Yes, i will definitely recommend Jurisedge CLAT LLM/ PSU Hive course to others, as it makes Preparation for CLAT PG extremely time friendly since its an online course, working professionals can put their full efforts in their preparation.

Rumeli Sen Majumdar AIR 336 CLAT PG 2020

This course has given me a direction to prepare for CLAT (as I am only appearing for it) and the teachers are highly efficient and hardworking.. They interact with you as much as possible and try to resolve the doubts. Sudipto sir, the founder of jurisedge also guides and motivates the student all the time and he is available to entertain queries all the time. This course is definitely value for money because it provides you with all the study materials and judgments and gives you more than what is promised so that the students can be at par with others and they can excel in the exams.

Sagnika Banerjee AIR 445, CLAT PG 2020

I am 100% sure that without jurisedge it won't be possible for me to crack the CLAT exams. The focus of jurisedge is on overall development of a student in each subject which is a game changer for CLAT. Thank you so much!

Ayan AIR 415 CLAT PG 2020

All India LLM course offered by Jurisedge helped me alot i have been student of jurisedge for 10-11 months i started with 0 and end up securing AIR 468 in CLAT PG 2020 all thanks to sudpita sir and arohi ma’am for all personal guidance attention most importantly for motivating us through out the journey. my journey was a bit different i learned my basics my foundation of law school is jurisedge only online lectures ,recorded videos, study material then again revision material not leaving any possible area this is what is jurisedge . The way we have been prepared from every possible aspect via all mocks helped alot in cracking CLAT PG 2020.

Tapasya AIR 468 CLAT PG 2020

This course is actually over valued than money they are charging. Jurisedge not only cleared all the concepts through videos but also gave me immediate assistant to all my queries. Off course, i will definitely recommend jurisedge course. If Jurisedge has helped me to clear all my doubts and help in my preparation then it will definitely help everyone who opts this course.

Chaitali Dave Designation

Jurisedge is one of the best platfom just because of its foundation depthly rooted by SUDIPTA SIR.Sir really works hard even more than us.In this course of 2020 as we all know syllabus changed around 2 times but sir is so much enthusiastic and potential to his work that he always dreamed about our success.Sir is not even money minded, syllabus changed but never asked us to pay more than promised fee for enhanced or totally change in pattern .STAFF of Jurisegde works really very very hard .MATERIAL of jurisedge is more than enough.

Vishaka Gupta Designation

It was more than what I expected of the course. It covers everything and welcomes all the difficulties faced by us regarding anything. Motivates to keep us focused and achieve our goal. The things provided by them are of utmost help and contains everything. It helps us to do our work on time and the schedule they give us or the help by the mentors and the whole team is so worth that they will be there for you everytime and makes bit easy for us to prepare and encourages us to deal with doubts and think beyond the boundaries.

Ankita Lodha Designation

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