The Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) is the all India entrance exam for admission to National Law Universities (NLUs) of India. If you are appearing in the post graduate common law admission test (CLAT PG) 2017, you need to practice  question papers and mock tests of CLAT PG to get yourself giving an opportunity to open up the placement doors for various PSUs.

Total marks in CLAT PG exam is 150 marks and out of which Jurisprudence carries 1/3rd of the total marks i.e. 50 marks. Hence, Priority and focus over the subject on Jurisprudence actually makes or breaks the hope for cracking the CLAT PG.

Jurisprudence is the study of law, or the philosophy of law. It is a type of science that explores the creation, application, and enforcement of laws. It holds much water in field of Law as well as cracking the CLAT PG. But as a subject, students generally do not organize themselves to meet with the exhaustive nature of the subject. Hence, they end up losing the interest for the subject.

In this course, we provide this subject in the most approachable way to the students. The students will not only find it easier to deal with the subject, but also easily cope up with the exhaustive nature of the subject in the most organized and disciplined way.

This Course contains:

  1. Over 700 Objective Questions & Answers on Jurisprudence
  2. 4 Chapters including 26 Parts of Jurisprudence
  3. Lists of Quotes made by the Various Jurists
  4. Lists of Books written by Different Jurists
  5. Weekly Update & Addition on the Numbers of Objective Questions & Answers
  6. 24*7 Online Support System
  7. Methods to Score over 45 in Jurisprudence Part in Exam.

If you really wanna boost Your performance in PG CLAT, Enroll today.

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  1. Hello! I just enrolled for the 1 month crash course of jurisprudence. When can I access the course material ?

  2. Hello !!! I enrolled for the course today before an hour or so…..!!! Till what time I will get authentication mail and I would be able to access the material…!!! How many hours do you guys take to proceed an enrolment ??

  3. Dear team of Jurisedge Academy,

    I had enrolled in March 2017 for the course of Jurisprudence for Clat LLM 2017 exam. I found the course material provided by you very well structured and very well suited for exams like CLAT and AILET. The Clat PG paper of 2017 had many questions from your question bank. The approach by which you have structured the course material is well equipped to provide a quantum jump to a CLAT/ AILET PG candidate. Below are some points from which I benefited from this course:
    1) The content in your course is 100% correct. This greatly enhances the credibility of your course, as compared to many MCQ books out in the market which misguide and give incorrect answer,
    2) The number of questions in your bank is so high that it will ensure atleast 70% coverage of the entire syllabus for CLAT/ AILET,
    3) The approach offered by your course, that is, the statement/quote/assertion/question and the answer just below it, helps a great deal in forming an understanding, and retaining in mind the same,
    4) This course is good for both who will like to learn by understanding the content, and also for those who will want to cram up the answers in a short period of time,
    5) The presentation of your course inspires to pick up the theory books and develop further understanding on the subject, which is very crucial for exams like CLAT AILET PG. This course covers many of those chapters which are often ignored by the MCQ books, even though questions are asked from those chapter.
    6) Lastly your course solves the problem of dearth of questions available online or in offline medium. The course supplements the many books available for Jurisprudence MCQs.

    It will be very wrong and ungrateful not to mention that this quality course is offered in highly affordable price range. Till date, it will be very difficult and impossible to find a course on Jurisprudence which can beat the features of this course.

    I request you to kindly initiate similar courses on International Law, Constitution.

    I would recommend this course to anyone who is interested in securing high marks in Jurisprudence portion of CLAT AILET.

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