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In the recent years, pursuing masters from abroad has gained popularity. It is a major decision which has implications on one’s career as well as finances. In this series of article, we shall talk about different colleges abroad, the application procedure of each of them in detail and the specialization areas. This series shall be a frame of reference for such aspirants. In this article, we have talked about twenty top most colleges to pursue LLM.

  1. Harvard Law School

It offers one year advanced LLM degree. The application process opens during early September and closes by December 1. The curriculum ranges from clinical programs to international perspectives to writing projects.

  1. Oxford Law School

It is one of the largest law schools in the United Kingdom. Instead of offering Master in Law, the University offers Magister Juris (MJur) along with plethora of other courses like MSc in Criminology and Criminal Justice, MSc in Law and Finance etc. It also has many part time and full time courses.

  1. Faculty of Law, Cambridge University

It offers the Master in Law degree as well as Masters of Corporate Law Degree. 2019’s application deadline for the Master in Law programme is December 4, 2019.

  1. National University of Singapore

NUS offers specialization in seven degrees i.e. Asian Legal Studies; Corporate and Financial Services Law; IPR; International Arbitration and Dispute Resolution; International Business Law; International and Comparative Law; Maritime law. The key feature about the university is that if offers two double degree programmes over 100 electives. The application process usually starts from October 1 to December 1.

  1. School of Law, Queen Mary University

The School of Law, QMU offers myriad range of master in law programmes. It also offers postgraduate diplomas; certificates and distance learning courses. The admission process is open as on the date of writing.

  1. SOAS, University of London

The University offers one (full-time), two, three, or four years (part-time, day-time only) courses. It offers over 15 modules in law including Islamic law, alternative dispute resolution etc.. The date of applications is open as on the date of writing.

  1. School of Law, Sciences Po

The University offers courses in Master in Economic Law, Joint Master of Law and Finance, LLM in transnational arbitration and dispute settlement. Except for Master in Economic Law, the University requires the students to have a good level of expertise in French.

  1. University of Chicago Law School

The application process is open as on the date of writing. It offers LLM degree, Juris Doctor degree and Doctor of Juridical Science (JSD). The University advises to foreign trained lawyers to pursue JD degree instead of LLM degree if they intend to practice law in the United States.

  1. University of Pennsylvania Law School

The University offers a one year full time master in law programme. It has multiple specializations as well. Alongside the degree, the LLM students are eligible to enroll with the Wharton Business and Law Certificate. There are exchange programmes with Sciences Po and University of Hong Kong.

  1. Birmingham University

Birmingham University offers one year or two years to complete the Master in Law course. It includes six specialist modules and a dissertation in its curriculum. It offers LLM in over five areas.

  1. University of Melbourne Law School

University of Melbourne offers Masters of Law (General) as well specializations in various degrees like banking and finance law; commercial law; construction law etc. It has both full time and part time courses. Most full time courses are for a duration of 12 months.

  1. Columbia Law School

One of the top-most law schools in the USA, Columbia Law School offers LLM, JD and JSD degrees. The applications to these programmes are open as on the date of writing.

  1. New York School of Law

The NYU is one of the most sought after University for Master in Law. It offers LLM, JD and JSD programmes. It offers LLM in many areas including taxation; legal studies; energy law etc.

  1. UCLA School of Law

The UCLA offers JD, and LLM along with the option of joint degree programs. It has eight formal joint degree programs including law and African American studies; law and public health; law and public policy etc. For Juris Doctor, it offers seven official specializations including in business law; international and comparative law; environmental law; media law etc.

  1. Duke University

The application process for the Duke University begins in September. The application deadline for LLM and SJD Programme is January 20, 2020 and February 20, 2020 respectively. The University also offers exchange prorammes with various universities.

  1. Georgetown University Law Centre

The University offers LLM and JD prorammes. It is one of the top-most law schools in the United States of America. It offers specialization in multiple areas of law including taxation; environment; business law etc. It also offers a general LLM degree. It has a rolling application process.

  1. Washington University School of Law

It offers LLM degrees ranging from one years to two years. It has LLM for international lawyers; foreign lawyers; and LLM in IP/Technology Law. The University also offers JSD degree. Interestingly, the University also runs online LLM programmes.

  1. Stanford Law School

The Stanford Law School offers master’s degree programs in the Master of Laws Program; The Stanford Program in International Legal Studies; and the Master of Legal Studies. The University offers master of laws in corporate governance; environmental law; law, science and technology etc. It also offers a JSD degree.

  1. London School of Economics

LSE offers a wide variety of courses including banking and financial regulation; competition and trade law; corporate and commercial law etc. It offers LLM for one year. Applications open in October, and operate in a system of rolling applications.

  1. The Fletcher School of Law

The Fletcher School offers degree in Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy (MALD); and Master of Laws in International Law. It has several rounds of application process. The University also offers many online and hybrid courses. MALD is a two year programme whereas Master of Laws is a one year programme.

This is not an exhaustive list of colleges. There are obviously different colleges which are better than the others in different areas. In the next article, we shall elaborate on the difference between LLM, JD, and JSD. We shall also shed some light on MSc in law.

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